Carla Spalding

US House, Florida, District 23

US House, Florida, District 23

As a proud American who moved to the United States from the Caribbean as a child, Carla Spalding’s life experience is one of an American Patriot. Carla is a woman who wears many hats. She is a Navy Veteran, a registered nurse, an author, and above all a single working mother and a grandmother.

“When I joined the Navy, I learned a great deal about devotion to duty and the importance of defending America and its values. I will take those skills and valuable life lessons with me to Congress.”

As a United States Navy Veteran, Carla has been on the front lines of health care at the VA Medical Center. She has heard the cry of our Veterans and believes now is the time to fix it.

As a psychiatric nurse instructor, Carla also teaches at a local South Florida college. Her background and experience give her great insight into the issues of drug abuse and the mental health crises we face in America.

With her Master’s Degree in Nursing with a specialty in Education, Carla knows and understands the healthcare challenges that our seniors and veterans face daily. She also understands the financial burden that our young people endure with explosive higher education costs. No other candidate running for Congress (or serving in office today) has this type of unique experience.

As an experienced entrepreneur, Carla has a unique insight into fixing our economic challenges. Among those is to use the Congressional powers to reform our overbearing tax system.

To improve our economy Carla believes we need to help struggling business owners by cutting taxes and eliminating strangling regulation that inhibits growth and success. In addition, she believes large businesses should also be given incentives to remain in America to employ Americans.

Carla understands that our Founding Fathers envisioned leadership coming from all segments of our nation, just not from one industry. “With over 70 % of the Washington’s elected officials coming from the legal industry, it’s time we put forth a better and more diverse representation in Washington.”

“My biggest motivation to serve in Washington is to make a real difference as a Congresswoman of the people and for the people. Please join me on our mission to make this vision a reality.”


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