Dave Giles

Dave Giles, US House, Arizona, District 9

US House, Arizona, District 9

Dave moved to the great state of Arizona in July of 2004. He was raised by faithful, dedicated, and devoted parents. They were married for over sixty-two years before Dave’s mother passed in 2011 and his father in 2017. They were recognized at their fiftieth wedding anniversary by Catholic Pope St. John Paul II. Dave’s parents instilled in him family values, loyalty, and duty to country at a very young age. His father dropped out of school to volunteer in World War II. He was a WWII veteran with nine battle stars and multiple ribbons and medals earned in the Pacific Theater. As a result of his father’s work ethic, Dave lived in many different cities and towns across the United States, making new friends everywhere he lived. This ability mixed with strong family values established Dave’s childhood character as honest, hardworking, and responsible. Dave knows first-hand the struggles families face and what it means to struggle just to meet the most basic of needs.

Since 2004, Dave has worked as a professional consultant for Wells Fargo’s corporate offices in Chandler and Scottsdale. He mainly provided financial and technical consulting services to their Technology Information Group. He volunteered at Congressman Matt Salmon’s Gilbert office and the American Legion Post 39. He also continues to volunteer at the Living Word Bible Church in Mesa, where he has been an active member since his arrival in Arizona.

In June of 2007, Dave co-founded Faros Aero, LLC Engineering Services. This advanced technology company provides competitive conception to implementation for state-of-the-art engineering development. Dave is an accomplished engineer and strategist with forward business development experience in bringing Faro Aero’s high tech solutions to the defense and space community. He subsequently co-founded Faro Aero – FFL and recently obtained the manufacturing license.

Dave lived and worked outside of the United States for much of his career from the early 80’s to the early 2000’s. While working in Saudi Arabia, he served as Executive Adviser and Consultant to the Saudi Oil Minister and President of Saudi Aramco, Chairman of the Board of Petrolub, and consultant to several Saudi Aramco Executive Senior Vice Presidents.

Dave is an economics engineer and business consultant with decades of international experience in power generation, power transmission, strategic operations, and technology. Since 1979, he has held a number of senior engineering, consulting, and strategic management positions with Saudi Aramco (formerly ARAMCO: Arabian-American Oil Company) in Refining & Distribution, Manufacturing & Transportation, Information Technology, and Pipeline Operations. He has implemented extensive cost-savings, optimization, and cost-recovery initiatives to enhance operational efficiencies and drive productivity gains. Dave is known as the grandfather of Management Information Systems (MIS/ERP) across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Aramco’s operations span the globe and energy industry as the world leader in crude oil production. The company also owns and operates an extensive network of refining and distribution facilities including international subsidiaries, joint ventures, and the world’s largest and newest fleet of supertankers that deliver crude oil and refined products worldwide.

Prior to joining Aramco, Dave held engineering positions within New York State Electric & Gas Corp. of Energy East. He was the senior engineering planner for multiple New York State districts, and lead engineer to the Environmental Protection Agency for the Delaware County Cochecton substation and transmission line improvement.

Dave also served on the Planning Board of the Village of Dryden, New York while working for New York State Electric & Gas.


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