Joe Billie

Joe Billie, US House, Pennsylvania, District 7

US House, Pennsylvania, District 5

Joe is a working class man born and raised in Delaware County, PA. He served his country in the US Navy. He served his community for 30 years as a volunteer fireman. Now Joe wants to serve you and support our President on the issues that matter.

Build a Real Wall

ONLY candidate in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District supporting a REAL Border Wall. Joe believes that our country needs a secure border to stop the flood of illegal immigrants draining our citizen’s hard earned money. Even Joe’s wife legally emigrated from Portugal as a child, becoming a legal US citizens so she could realize the American dream. A real border wall will help us save lives, protect Americans, reduce drug/human trafficking and stop wasting hard earned American dollars on illegal immigrants.

Free Speech & Religious Freedoms

A free speech society is a safe society. The First Amendment is there to protect speech–especially speech we don’t agree with it. Protests are a fabric of this nation and an important part of free speech. How can we ever remove bad leaders or unjust laws if we are not allowed to criticize them by means of free speech. Joe, however, believes that violent protests are a crime and a method to suppress free speech and the freedom it ensures.

Defending & Expanding Gun Rights

Second Amendment rights are constantly attacked. Joe believes that gun rights should be expanded to allow gun owners to carry across state lines. This constitutional right should not be limited to Americans depending on which state they live in.

Pro-life – Defund Planned Parenthood

As a devote Christian, Joe believes that life begins at conception and abortion is murder. Joe will defund Planned Parenthood and will support funding to assist in adoptions.

Strong Military – Peace Through Superior Power

It is our duty to protect the citizens of the United States. We need to enhance our military to combat those that attack our freedoms. The men and women that have risked their lives to protect ours, MUST be taken care of. We need to support our veterans with better healthcare and mental services. What congress has done for veterans are Band-Aid fixes for election purposes and not getting to the problems our Veterans face every day.

Repeal Obamacare

This disastrous plan must be repealed immediately. The American people need to be relieved of this enormous financial strain and be free to choose what is best for them.

Term Limits

Holding office was meant to be a service not a career. Congress must be forced to live under the laws they pass. With term limits, we can eliminate a ruling class and return the power of government to the citizens.


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