Marsha Blackburn

Marsha Blackburn, US Senate, Tennessee

US Senate, Tennessee

Time after time, when Tennessee needs a fighter against big government, we send in Marsha Blackburn. Today she is campaigning to bring that fight to the United States Senate, where she will work tirelessly to help President Trump pass his agenda.

While Marsha believes both parties are to blame for the Senate’s pathetic do-nothing record, she is particularly frustrated by all the Senate Republicans who act and vote like Democrats.

“The fact that our Republican majority in the U.S. Senate can’t – or won’t – overturn Obamacare is a disgrace,” says Marsha. “I’m running for the U.S. Senate because I will fight every single day to make our Republican majority act like one.”

Specifically in the Senate Marsha will:

Continue to fight to repeal Obamacare.

  • Fight to protect the unborn. Marsha is 100% pro-life.
  • Fight to protect our Second Amendment rights. Marsha is a gun owner with a concealed carry permit for the Lady Smith she packs in her purse.
  • Fight to cut wasteful spending. Marsha believes our government takes too much and spends too much.
  • Fight to bring significant tax relief to hard-working Tennesseans.
  • Support President Trump’s immigration ban and work with him to build the wall.

Marsha got her start selling educational books door to door for the Southwestern company. Along the way, she learned there’s no substitute for ringing someone’s doorbell and listening to what they have to say, a lesson – and practice – she carries with her to this day.

Marsha is a conservative with a record of accomplishment. She gets things done.

Marsha grew up in Laurel, Mississippi and graduated from Mississippi State University. She and her husband Chuck have been married for 42 years, and have two children and two grandchildren.


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