U.S. House of Representatives

Michael Snyder

Michael Snyder, US House, Idaho, District 1

US House, Idaho, District 1 Michael Snyder is one of the most popular conservative authors in America.  He is the author of four books, he has been a frequent guest on major radio and television shows all over the nation, and his websites have been viewed more than 100 million times.  Michael’s articles are also republished on dozens […]

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Antonio Sabato Jr

Antonio Sabato Jr, US Senate, California

US House, California, District 26 Antonio immigrated to California in 1985 seeking a better life with his mother and sister.  In 1996, after completing all the necessary steps, he became a United States citizen – a moment he calls “the proudest moment of my life.” As a young man, Antonio went on to establish a […]

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Omar Navarro

Omar Navarro, US House, California, District 43

US House, California, District 43 Omar is a Washington outsider, who has lived in Inglewood, Hawthorne, and Torrance. Omar is running because he wants to give the people of the 43rd an independent voice in Congress–not one beholden to special interests and career politicians. It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out that Congress is […]

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Ryan McAdams

Ryan McAdams, US House, Virginia

US House, Virginia, District 4 Ryan McAdams lives in Providence Forge (Charles City County) with his lovely wife and four beautiful children. Moving from California to Williamsburg in 1988 when he was sixteen years old, Ryan was exposed to the rich history of the Historic Triangle which in turn fostered a passion in him for […]

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Dave Giles

Dave Giles, US House, Arizona, District 9

US House, Arizona, District 9 Dave moved to the great state of Arizona in July of 2004. He was raised by faithful, dedicated, and devoted parents. They were married for over sixty-two years before Dave’s mother passed in 2011 and his father in 2017. They were recognized at their fiftieth wedding anniversary by Catholic Pope […]

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Mark Burns

Mark Burns, US House, South Carolina, District 4

US House, South Carolina, District 4 Pastor Mark Burns, labeled by Time Magazine as “Donald Trump’s Top Pastor” and named one of the “16 People Who Shaped the 2016 Presidential Election” is the Co-Founder & CEO of The NOW Television Network, a Christian television network based out of South Carolina that reaches Millions of Homes […]

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